6 Ways to Make Money on Snapchat in 2021

1. Promote your products and services

Leveraging Snapchat’s interactive platform to develop your goods and co-operations is one of the first sites to start seeing how to earn money on Snapchat. But because Snaps can just be up to 10 seconds long, you’ll have to get inventive.

Behind-the-scenes style videos are always interesting for watchers. It could be something that tells what it’s like working your business, working from home with children, getting ready in the day, etc. These are great ways to give off the perception of your business.

How-to videos can show possible clients how to use your results, but make them funny or different in some way. You could attach layers with various filters, stickers, and text. Attach song over your snaps. Show off your personality.

The 10-second deadline requires you to play around a tiny bit. It’s not about ending either – people like Snapchat because it seems more stable.

In those behind-the-scenes or how-to videos, hardly offer a refund or promo code to your fans. You can set a link in your snap so the user only has to swipe up to see and click on it.

2. Sell things directly through Snapchat

If you desire to learn how to earn money on Snapchat, but you’re not considering using it for more general business properties (link running ads or taking people to your business page), you can use your accounts like a mini online marketplace.

Suppose you have a severe selection of sneakers and you’re ready to sell a few sets to make some fast money. You can highlight a couple in your stories and enter how much you desire to sell them for.

If someone is involved, they can answer by swiping up. You can make the sale by using CashApp or Venmo. Get the buyer’s shipping info, and send it out ASAP.

For many years, Snapchat adopted something called Snapcash, which was a business with Square. But Snapcash is no higher available and hasn’t been since 2018.

3. Create a geofilter for your business

Geofilters are Snapchat filters that are unique to your area, and you can build them for party events or highlight your company. Non-business partners can create identity and geofilters for free, but businesses will require to buy them.

Wait… I desire to learn how to earn money on Snapchat, not waste my money.

Don’t bother, there is a point! Geofilters are a fun way to improve your business. You create a geofence (a scene outline) that when a Snapchat user registers, they can start doing that filter.

Because you spend for geofilters based on the number of hours and square meters you want to travel, they’re best for most business owners to support specific events, like a large sale or grand occasion. An 8-hour geofilter in a big city price about $5, and a 24-hour geofilter that includes 22,000 square meters averages $30.

So for a brick-and-mortar business that desires to get money with Snapchat, you could build a filter that users enter when they are at or near your store. For instance, a Mexican restaurant could build a unique geofilter for their Cinco de Mayo celebration ended with margarita drinks and a sombrero.

You’re paying small money, but geofilters can be a bit of a marketing plan that gets people enthusiastic about your business.

4. Design a custom Snapchat lens for your business

Designing a Snapchat lens for your business is another promotional plan that’s related to geofilters. And if you’ve always seen this astonishing technological achievement from Taco Bell, then you understand how many fun filters can be.

Snapchat’s Lens Studio is available for both people and business owners to use for creating lenses that are new AR (augmented fact) practices for users. You will require to set up a Snapchat business account if you desire to create sponsored lenses to improve your business.

5. Sell Snapchat filters online

Designing and selling custom Snapchat filters for marriages, promotion parties, anniversary events, birthdays, and more is another opportunity to make money on Snapchat. People can buy custom filters, upload them by the Create Your Website tab once they’re logged in to Snapchat on their laptop or desktop computer.

I did a fast search on Etsy and found many very professional-looking filters that were selling anyplace from $4-$50 per. 

6. Submit your best Snaps to Spotlight

Spotlight is a brand new Snapchat feature that began in November of 2021.

Here’s what Snapchat tells about it: “Submit your best video Snaps to Spotlight for the chance to get a share of more than $1 million that we’re giving to authors each day!”

The concept behind Spotlight is that it’s a way for Snapchat to fight with TikTok and Instagram’s Reels innovation. Snapchat is redesigning some of its services to follow up with a new business course.

Submitting Snaps to Spotlight is for content producers who need a chance at getting a lot of that $1 million a day. Snapchat will be doing an algorithm to understand which Snaps receive the most pictures and engagement, and rewarding those with the biggest payout.

Here are the guidelines to make money with Snapchat Spotlight:

  • Snaps must be perpendicular videos with sound
  • Must have a #topic so others can participate in and seek more content like yours
  • Can be up to 60 seconds lengthy
  • Should use original tools like titles, sounds, lenses, or GIFs
  • Must be only real content
  • The song must be from Snapchat’s licensed books
  • Content must be suitable for a 13+ audience
  • Must adhere to overall Snapchat agreement guidelines

How do you monetize Snapchat? The final word

You came here questioning how to earn money on Snapchat, and you just read about 6 different options that serve in 2021.

Alike all social media platforms, Snapchat is proceeding to change and adjust to new courses and working to find gaps in the market. If you’re going to get money with Snapchat, you need to pay heed to those settings so you can change your plan.

I suggest following Snapchat’s News by their website. News breaks like TechCrunch and Social Media Today offer in-depth coverage on courses and updates.

Like other social media floors, I suspect that there will just be more ways to earn money with Snapchat tomorrow, whether it is to raise your own business or earn money on the side.

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