9 Untapped Ways to Make Money from Twitter in 2021

No one would likely answer “no” to another revenue cause especially when it isn’t so hard to make the money.

Since the launch of Twitter in 2006, they have developed from several users to over 200 million users on the floor. They have about a part of Facebook users, though, they live a great choice for professional bodies and legislators.

With such a large user base, a lot of people have leveraged this platform to earn money. But, we want to concentrate on some of the untapped ways to make money from Twitter and how you can begin using them instantly.

Can You Make Money on Twitter?

When you have a floor that has over 300 million users, monetization is probable. Twitter has advised users to give a broad base of people through advocacy campaigns.

You can earn money on Twitter by working an ad campaign for your stocks, maintaining Twitter pages for organizations in interest to influencer marketing. Although seeing this done does not come loose, it allows valuable rewards.

How many Followers Do You Need to Make Money on Twitter?

Increasing your Twitter following is not simple. You would have to give serious time to fighting with your audience and creating attractive content. Another way would be to give money on ads that are not so budget-friendly.

However, to answer the question, you want to have at least 10,000 followers on Twitter for you to get some money. It demands a lot of work, but the result is good.

How Does Twitter Ads Work?

Twitter ads work in different ways and I will be listing them. These ways involve:

Stories Ads: This is one of the new advert sections included in Twitter. In this segment, you can see the stories of users that you follow and ads come in intermittently.

News Feed Ads: These ads display up on the News Feed of the application. As users see tweets, they come over them as well.

Search Box Ads: This kind of ad shows up on the part of “Trends”. So, quickly a user hits the section of the application wherein he/she can see a course, they view these adverts as well.

9 Untapped Ways to Make Money from Twitter in 2021

In this section, I will address nine of the untapped ways to earn money from Twitter.

1. Promote Affiliate Products

Affiliate marketing is one of the most important markets that has served several people. Now, you can leverage a set of platforms to sell products to affected consumers. Although most systems can provide you with a target to complete, you usually work at your speed.

With Twitter’s increasing user support and its current millions of users, selling affiliate products on this app is one of the ways to earn money on Twitter.

2. Promote Your Products

While selling affiliate products, you can yet promote your goods. Twitter doesn’t set a restriction on the number of products you can promote.

Selling your product reduces commissions which guide to larger profit edges.

3. Generate Website Traffic

Regarding large traffic move to your website is orgasmic. You’re right cause you understand how powerful the results can be on advert blocks you have.

Twitter with its broad user base can help draw movement to your website. And its effectiveness has been shown many times.

4. Build an Email List

Email lists have been shown to maintain the most important lead to the customer growth rate. According to Barilliance, the common communication rate of an email is 15.11% unlike that of social media which fastens at 0.71%.

But creating an email list means you make a good number of points and you require a platform like Twitter to assist you to create it.

All you require to do is create a presentation and get a batch of people to register with their emails. You get them and join them in your email listing.

5. Create Twitter Ads

Ads work. The algorithm is designed purposely to give ads the best results on investment. So, running an ad is a big way to market and get money on Twitter.

The great information about ads is the affability it provides you – you can go an ad using your resources and time span.

6. Run Giveaways

You don’t earn money if you’ve not spent wealth. Recognizing the global hunger rates increasing, the need for quick and easy money rates is high on a system.

By fastening giveaways, you will attract a bunch of followers which will help you make your influence on the platform. So if you haven’t been thinking about it, your great start.

7. Hold Contests

Championships or Contests normally draw several people. Leveraging Twitter, you can make a lot of contests that wouldn’t want this somebody to be physically near.

For each contest, you improve your following, welcome sponsors, and also sell your products as well. It’s a focal point and a certain untapped way to earn money from Twitter.

8. Provide Quality Customer Service

Big companies pay a lot to train their staff on customer service relationships. Most times, these staff members yet fall into and make a combination of the entire process.

If you truly have some client service jobs, you can reach an offer to help companies serve their consumers. Although most companies are turned to A.I, nothing surpasses human relationships.

9. Become an Influencer

Becoming an influencer on the Twitter platform is not a simple job. You will want to build a strong following and some of the plans of making your following don’t agree with the app’s algorithm.

A lot of Twitter influencers both made their following through giveaways or because they’re very popular for making something.

As an influencer, different brands sell you with requests for you to help them promote. You can charge for any advert depending on your standards. Admittedly, becoming an influencer is one untapped way to earn money on Twitter.


Twitter continues as a grand social networking platform joining millions in the world now. And their increase steps continue to rise with per coming year.

Creating a strong Twitter behaviour can help much more than you can think.

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