10 facts about PUBG Mobile we bet you didn’t know

Did you appreciate PUBG Mobile is the just mobile game that has telecasted its broadcast on Indian box? Here are 10 facts we post you didn’t understand about PUBG Mobile.

Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) on Wednesday declared the prohibition on PUBG Mobile on with 117 different apps in India. PUBG Mobile is a universally accepted mobile game, with millions of mobile players in India in 2019. The game will quickly be surrounded by Indian ISPs and be eliminated from the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

Now we are working to get a peek at the 10 fascinating facts about PUBG Mobile that you might not have understood.

PUBG Mobile more popular than PUBG PC

According to a statement by The Esports Observer from behind in 2019, PUBG Mobile had collected about 400 million players in its database with 50 million regular mobile players. This minimises PUBG PC everyday active player number by a number. According to Dak. gg, PUBG PC currently has about 8,00,000 everyday current players.

PUBG Mobile highest downloads come from India

According to Sensor Tower, PUBG Mobile marks the largest amount of downloads in India. The article says that India continues the lions like in times of downloads, with over 175 million downloads. A new report recommends that only ere the ban, the game had been downloaded more than 200 million accounts in India.

PUBG Mobile TV Ad

PUBG Mobile is the only mobile game that has telecasted its broadcast on Indian television. The TV ad had a bit of 27 seconds and went on various Indian ways similar &Pictures.

Why is PUBG called PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds?

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is the complete copy of PUBG, but where did it originate from? Player Unknown was the gaming card of Brendan Greene, the game’s author. And due to the game should the idea of large battlegrounds, he called it PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds.

PUBG back story

PUBG has published the game’s backstory like the form of Erangel or the story of Miramar. All of these backstory videos can be viewed on PUBG Mobile’s real youtube channel.

PUBG Mobile Indian web-series

PUBG Mobile has grown so big that it produced off its Indian web series named, Dosti Ka Naya Maidan, which has been posted on PUBG Mobile India’s verified YouTube channel.

PUBG Mobile has been developed by Tencent Games

PUBG PC was produced and shared by PUBG Corporation following BlueHole, stationed in Korea. Regarding the reputation of the right, Tencent Games stood out to them and received a similar game for mobile. PUBG Mobile’s bulk power is in the instructions of Tencent Games.

How was the first map named Erangel

Erangel was the head and is also the original map of the game. Its title is replaced by players as false. But it is not. It has been fired by Brendan Greene’s daughter’s nickname, Eryn, who he describes as an angel. Joining both of these names up Erangel.

Real-life places in the game

The game consists of several imaginary homes and structures, yet, it consists of several real-life designs also, including the School, which is from the base Chernobyl, Russia. The shelter is the left area of nuclear threats, at Feodosia – Ukraine. Ruins are based in the Mountains of Dagestan, Russia. Pochinki is caused by Yasnaya Polyana in Russia.


Several people question the case as to why they get so various bots inside of the game. These AI-generated bots are thereby designed to prop up a new player’s trust in the game. Till level 10 most players are forced to play with often bots inside of the map. The game gradually kills them as the players get exposure.

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