For several, making money on YouTube is ideal. After all, YouTubers seem to have a big life and the love of their fans to enjoy. And since building a YouTube channel is more comfortable than ever, there’s no wrong in thinking big and point high.

But, while creating a YouTube channel is easy, using it as a cash machine isn’t as honest. You may earn your first-century dollars by selling something or settling a sponsorship agreement, but maximizing earnings needs understanding all your choices before you jump in.

We’ve created this article to walk you through all of the information that you’ll want to know if you need to understand how to make money on YouTube. At the top of this article, you’ll know the different methods to make cash on YouTube, and you’ll be ready to grow your own business with one of the largest Internet policies in the world.

Can You Make Money on YouTube? 

The quick answer is yes. Thousands of people are making it. And not all of them have millions of supporters to boot. Opposite to popular view, YouTube isn’t just a numbers game – your earning potential also depends on the niche you provide to, the level of commitment you make, and the income waters you tap into. That’s not to say subscribers and looks aren’t great. 

How to Make Money From YouTube

If you’ve been watching for new ways to make income, you may be questioning how to make money from YouTube. Well, there is a mix of different ways that you can start getting on the floor, most of which turn around creating compelling video content. Here’s a peek at some of the popular YouTube income waters available:

1. YouTube Partner Program

If you’ve been questioning how to make money from YouTube, then it’s vital that you’re aware of the YouTube partner program and how it goes. YouTube content creators won’t be ready to monetize any of their videos till they’ve been taken into the YouTube partner program. When your YouTube channel has 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 public views, it’ll be evaluated to join the Partner program. This means that you won’t be capable to make any revenue until you’ve hit these numbers, so it’s essential to continue creating content and building your channel’s reach. You can use it for monetization once you reach the program’s rules. 

How to enable monetization on YouTube:

Log in to the YouTube account you intend to monetize. 

  1. Click your account’s icon in the top-right edge, then tick YouTube Studio
  2. From the left-hand menu, keep Other Features > Monetization.
  3. Go by the Partner Program terms and click accept.
  4. Join an existing AdSense account or create a new one for your channel. 
  5. Set your monetization choices.

After using these steps, go back to the dashboard and open the Analytics tab on the port. On the next screen, picked Revenue from the top and then scroll down till you see the chart Monthly Estimated Revenue. The chart will provide you with an idea of your predicted monthly revenue.

How many views do you require to make money on YouTube?

The number of views your videos get doesn’t connect to your YouTube profits. If you see thousands of views, but no one clicks your ads or uses content, you won’t earn any cash. YouTube even has rules for paying journalists competing ads on their channel: a spectator must click the ad or watch it in full for you to make money. That said, there is great news for people learning how to make money off YouTube: You’re no great completely reliant on advertisers to earn income. Programs like YouTube Premium now are to help you earn money without ad clicks or using.

2. YouTube Premium

How do you earn money on YouTube besides running channel communications? YouTube Premium is the answer. 

YouTube Premium is a prepaid membership service that allows people to watch ad-free videos. Creators don’t have to do anything, as they’ll automatically get a second income stream when YouTube Premium members present their videos. 

As with YouTube monetization practices for advertising-based revenue, most of the income made via Premium membership payments will go to creators (the complete revenue number is based on how much Premium members watch your content). 

Premium members will also get the possibility to download and watch your videos offline and play them in the background, which adds to your watch time.  

3. Channel Memberships

When your YouTube channel reaches more than 30,000 subscribers, you can join another income stream by leveraging channel memberships. This is where supporters pay $4.99 a month for a membership kit that includes perks like quick access to videos, members-only live chat, independent emojis, and more. Members will be highlighted in remarks, live chat, and the Community tab by exclusive members-only brands. Because audiences are well informed that it can be a real test to get a YouTube creator’s care, it makes feeling to offer channel memberships. And voila, you’ve made another answer for how to earn money from YouTube. Pro tip: Use your videos to tell people that they can grow an exclusive member by ticking the “Join” button on your side. 

4. Promotional Video Content

Businesses are well informed of the potential which YouTube channels with a huge following have, and they’re always watching to use this to grow their business. Once you’ve earned a substantial following on the program, you’ll likely experience businesses moving out to you and asking you to promote their products in trade for money. It can be a big way to promote relevant products to your audience while making some extra income, but be cautious when doing this, as viewers are well informed when something is being sold. Pro tip: Only promote products that you’re genuinely engaged in, and you believe that will be helpful for your audience too — that’ll keep your intended viewers well.

5. Super Chat

Super Chat is a modern new way to earn money from YouTube. The feature allows your audience to buy chat messages that reach out and, in some cases, pin them to the top of the comments segment of a live stream. So, when you let live on YouTube, you can use Super Chat to monetize your stream. YouTube monetization standards for Super Chat range from $1 to $500, and the company gets a 30% reduction from the revenue. For anyone questioning how to make money from YouTube Super Chat, the key is to create and promote live streams. Promote them in videos, on other social media stages, and anywhere more where your audience likes stretching out.

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