How to Use Oyejay – Live Voice Chat Room App

How to Use Oyejay – Live Voice Chat Room App

Oyejay – Live Voice Chat Room App is an application designed for the purpose of telephoning people by voice. The user calls the one by speaking to the computer or the phone, which has an integrated VoIP system. The call can be made from any device – mobile phones, ipods, computers and smart phones. Oyejay-Live has the capacity to integrate with web cams. The web cam needs a special connection and a browser to view the person’s face, along with a microphone for recording the voice. There are two modes – one needs to have a microphone attached to the device while another mode does not.


The voice can be changed in two ways – it can be recorded in the voice recorder that is loaded in the device or through the “mic”. The users are able to record their voices and then they can share them through different Voice Messaging platforms and applications (Skype, Yahoo Messenger, etc.) Oyejay-Live offers different options for the recording of the voices. The first option is called ” Record ” and it is used to record the voice. A list of all the users that are on the list of the application will be displayed on the top of the screen. Once a user clicks on the microphone icon, they will be able to speak into the microphone, which will be recorded.

How to Use Oyejay – Live Voice Chat Room

In addition to this, they can also save their voice through the ” Export ” menu, which can be selected from the drop down menu after clicking on the microphone icon. The same way, they can also export the voice to a MP3 file. Those who need to send a message to someone in another part of the world can use the ” Share ” function to enable them to upload the voice to the server and enable the recipients to listen to it.


The next step in the How to Use Oyejay – Live Voice Chat Room App tutorial is to have the user log in with an Internet browser. This is achieved by clicking on the “Create an Account” link which is found at the top right corner of the application. Once a user has logged in, he or she will be able to start recording their voice. They can do this by clicking on the microphone icon and they will be able to see the button named “Start Recording”.

Use Oyejay – Live Voice Chat Room

The recording can be listened to using any application that supports the RTP protocol (Real-Time Transport Protocol). One can select the appropriate application in the list on the left hand side of the Skype window. Once this has been done, one can start speaking into the microphone and at the same time record the voice. Before stopping the recording, one has to press the play button located on the right of the microphone. After that, one can stop the voice recording by pressing the stop button.


A webcam is also necessary for the Skype application in order to record the voice of the person chatting. However, since Oyejay does not come with a webcam, one can take advantage of the built in ” webcam” option present in the Oyejay – Live Voice Chat Room App. The ” webcam “option can be found in the General tab of the Skype application. By activating the ” webcam “option, one can have a custom camera which can be used for the recording of the voice.

Oyejay – Live Voice Chat Room App

The recording will be saved onto the computer of the user who has signed in to the Skype service. Once the recording has been saved, it can be played back whenever the user wants. A nice feature of Skype is the VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) feature. It allows users of Skype to chat using RTP (Real-Time Transport Protocol) instead of the standard IP (Internet Protocol). When Oyejay is used for recording voice, it will allow the user to speak through its VoIP application just like how he would normally talk on the telephone. It will allow the person talking to be able to speak as if he were in front of his Skype microphone.


Apart from recording the voice, the other important features of the Oyejay – Live Voice Chat Room App include the ability to chat with others and play games. Users can make their friends laugh or they can teach their friends or followers how to use the Oyejay – Live Voice Chat Room App. This application is free to download from the official website of the company. To get to know more about how to use oyejay – live voice chat room app, you can log onto the website and visit its free demo section.


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