Cool Photo Editing Apps and Its Amazing Features

Photo Editor on mobile devices is not an easy task to do. It needs lots of training and skills to be perfect in this field. Though most of the apps provide a very simple user interface for easy editing, but they are not able to perform complicated editing operations due to lack of the advanced features. It is also not easy to access the Photo Editor while on the go. So, Photo Editor on mobile should be user-friendly and very powerful so that professional designers can edit images with ease.

Cool Photo Editing Apps and Its Amazing Features

The Photo Editor on mobile devices should have an outstanding user experience. In fact, most of the designer companies use a very simple and clean interface for enabling the user experience. The user should be able to enjoy the entire procedure of editing by just one simple tap on the screen. It should allow a wide variety of photo editing options like adjusting light, color, contrast etc. Moreover, it should also support various sizes and aspect ratio of the image so that a designer can adjust the dimensions appropriately for different images.

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Also, if the photo editing app allows users to select multiple pictures to be edited, then it should provide a user friendly way to add tags and create captions according to the chosen options. The process of adding captions, tags, and appropriate text on the selected picture should be easy enough for the users to do. The app should have a simple and user-friendly design which enables the designers to add their own creative ideas to the design. Moreover, with the help of custom icons and rich visual style, designer could add some animations and graphics to enhance the appearance of the app. It should have a very good compatibility with different platforms as well.

Cool Photo Editing Apps and Its Amazing

The Photo Editor on mobile devices should allow users to easily switch between editing styles. It should have a very good drag and drop feature where you can easily move from one picture to another. The Photo Editor on Mobile App should have features like resizing, cropping, rotation and editing thumbnails. The features like Auto Save and Share are also very important since they will enable the user to share their images through different apps such as Facebook and Evernote. The image editing features include features like adjusting color, contrast, brightness, saturation and red eye removal.

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In the case of Android applications developers, the main focus is given to the user interface or the overall look of the application. The app icon, its layout, and the color scheme are taken care of by the graphic designer while the functionality of the app is taken care of by the programmer. The icons used should be unique and appropriate for the particular purpose. The icons are created with the principle of compression and should not create any cluttered background. The size of the icons should be appropriate as well. They should not be too small or be enlarged abruptly either.


In the case of iPhone application development, the designer should take care of the actual look as well as the design of the app icons and graphics. However, there are other aspects to be considered as well. There are several cases when professional iPhone designer creates custom icons for the business purpose. The icons should be unique and have a stylish look. The iPhone user should never get confused while navigating through the app and custom icons will help them in this regard.

Cool Photo Editing Apps

For the Android devices the designer has the option of opting for the large rectangular icons or the ones having square shape. A little research will reveal that both rectangular and square icons attract more users than any other shape. While designing the layout of the icons, the size and the shape should also be kept in mind of the size of the display of the device. The layout could be grid or triangulated. The size of the text should also be relevant to the size of the display. The best way to place the texts is to place it above or below the icons so that the layout looks attractive and meaningful to the user.

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While developing an amazing photo editing apps it is necessary that the features like interface, performance, accessibility, features like location finder, tagging, image editing tools and so on should be there. The features like location finder, date addition, tag creation, image adjustment, image rotate and image zoom will help in making the editing much easier. The location finder is the most used feature in the photo editing apps where users could easily pinpoint the exact location of the placed object. With the help of these features one could make the photo editing app much more exciting and fun to use.


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